What is HACCP?

HACCP is an international food safety standard which focuses on identification of food hazards & determination of critical control points. HACCP standard was developed by NASA & Pillsbury company & later on this was approved by WHO.

What is CCP (Critical Control Point) in HACCP?

CCP (Critical Control Point) - are the stages in the production of which can be controlled, prevented or eliminated the risk to the safety of food, or their impact reduced to acceptable levels.

Why to get HACCP Certification?

Different organizations may have HACCP certification for different reasons. It is a common “condition of trade” that food business and food manufacturers have HACCP certification. In many countries it is also a mandatory / legal requirement that the food business should have a certified HACCP system in place. Proactive food businesses will gain HACCP certification to ensure that all possible food safety risks are covered.

How long does HACCP certification process take?

It depends on the rules (statutory/ regulatory) that apply to the type of food business you are having. It also depends on your present HACCP implementation level. Generally food HACCP audits may take anywhere between 1 day to 5 days. Again, it depends on the audit scope.

Why should I implement HACCP in my facility?

There are many benefits associated with HACCP, including:

  • Expansion of customer base.
  • Increased food safety audit scores.
  • Reduction in down time.
  • Reduction in product testing.
  • Reduction in customer complaints.
  • Earlier releasing of products.
  • Facilitation of inter provincial and international trade.

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